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Meeting Formats

Solution Examples

EventHub can be used as standalone, or bundled with support services like lead generation and content creation

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Functions optimized for online events such as registration page, user data analysis, live and pre-recorded video streaming, and networking functions.

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Features to help your hybrid events kept in one place - registration and check-ins, networking, and engagement bridged across both the online and offline participants. 

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Functions such as QR code check-ins and business matching suggestions help boost networking and make the event a success for all participants. 

Additional Services

Additional Services

EventHub can be used as standalone, or packed with supportservices like lead generation and content creation

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Lead Generation

We can help you with lead generation for your event. Whether it is a B2B or B2C event, EventHub can help you drive more attendance and increase your event's impact.

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Content Creation

No time to build your own event? Let's work together to understand the needs and help build your next event together. We can help with landing page, backend setup, and other aspects too. 

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Post-Event Analysis

Our specialists can help provide additional layer of event analysis. By analyzing attendee data as well as engagement statistics, the host and exhibitors can see in depth impact of the event.

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Registration Form

Personalize your registration form easily, including Terms of Use by using the built in registration form template. You can also choose to embed the registration form on other websites to boost promotion. *Please note embedding function can only be used for free registration. 

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Profile Setup

You can decide what information (fields) to collect from participants who register for your event. Information such as affiliation, one-line pitch will be displayed on users' individual profiles to be used for networking and self promotion during the event. 

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Live Content Streaming

You can stream live and pre-recorded videos by integrating with a third-party service. In this article, we will outline how to choose the best streaming tool for your event. You can choose from YouTube, Viemo and Zoom.

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In-platform 1-on-1 Web Meeting

Never leave the comfort of your Connectly event. Directly connect with your potential customers through in-platform web meeting 

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Collect participants's opinions and feedbacks by utilizing our built in Survey function. You can customize survey questions and reponse types.  Pin the survey on the event page or set a scheduled pop-up to gather valuable feedbacks from everyone.

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User Data Analytics

Gain insights from attendance numbers and viewership data for videos and live streams in real-time from the admin page. You can also download an Excel spreadsheet containing a more detailed breakdown of the data. For example, by downloading the spreadsheet, you will be able to see which videos were watched and for how long. 

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Email Campaigns

Send emails to registered EventHub users at any time. Send emails to invited users who haven't logged in yet to make sure that they log into their account, or send reminder emails before your event date approaches to maximize attendance.

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Web Messaging

Direcly contact other participants or exhibitors through web messaging where you can casually chat, set up meeting schedules and exchange business cards.

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Live Q&A

Allows real time interaction among your participants. Particiapants can use this to directly ask questions to the speakers during a live session. 

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Virtual Booth

Exhibit your own company/exhibitors/sponsors through Virtual Booth. You can put company information including webistes, images and files to fully showcase your company.

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Content Archival

Use Archived Video for videos that you want your participants to miss out. Archived videos can be watched any time under the Video tab on the event page. *Note: archived video is only available for enterprise plans, and you would need a Vimeo plan to use this feature.

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Marketing Automation Integration

With Marketo integration, you can easily embed data from your events to make your customer and prospects data seamless.

Seeing is believing. Right? See EventHub in action.

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