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Why not Zoom, Teams, or Meet?

We all know that COVID-19 has turned business norms upside down and we all had to adapt to working remotely, oftentimes from our homes. And in many ways, Zoom, Teams, and Meet have all allowed companies and individuals to stay connected while physically being away from each other.

That said, the aforementioned tools are designed to provide a quick and easy way to have virtual meetings whether on a 1-on-1 basis or in small groups; not necessarily hosting larger “events”.

What “events” are we talking about? Well, it could be webinars, conferences, expos, trade shows, networking, recruiting, internal meetings and more. These events require more functionalities than your typical online meetings. Things like… pre-registration, event marketing, check-in (both virtual and offline), in-event engagements like Q&A, polls, or post-event survey, 1-on-1 business meetings during the actual events, –and lastly; Data analytics about your attendees and exhibitors so that you can determine the proper ROI for the event.

All of these things are not packaged as a unitary solution with tools like Zoom, Teams, or Meet; And that is okay. This is why EventHub is here to help. We are here to help you host your best ever online or hybrid event using our platform. All-in-one, simple, solution to handle any of your problems related to online events.

We all know Zoom fatigue is real, and online events are no different. Especially given the fact that there are limited visual fanfares or enticements that you were able to provide in an online event setting, when compared to offline events; things like your branded pen, notebooks, and t-shirts; to beautiful venue space, and catchy physical booth designs are not the same on a virtual setting.

So, it’s very important that your content is as interesting and attractive for the attendees as possible. But equally important is the platform in which the online event is hosted. While the hype about Web 3.0 and metaverse is definitely interesting, a more pressing issue today is the importance of your audience having a smooth user experience in registering for your event, getting the right reminders at the right time, and quickly and seamlessly joining the event on the day.

And after joining your event, it needs to have the right engagement tools to keep your audience captivated. While online events have a huge advantage in the convenience factor for attendees, it's also sharing screen real estate with everything from emails, Slack, Facebook, Zoom and other distractions. And therefore, it is extremely easy for someone to get pulled away from your content.

EventHub allows the host to build engagement right from the main screen and keep your audience glued to the event. Whether it's the open chat rooms, direct messaging, and 1-on-1 meetings with other participants, or survey and live Q&A, there is the right way to captivate your attendees’ attention.

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And don’t forget the analytics. From pre-event registration data to attendee-level activity and engagement tracking during the event, to post-event survey and export of the lead list to your CRM or marketing automation software, EventHub allows for all of the necessary tracking of metrics to make sure there is a solid ROI for your event.

Using an all-in-one event management software is not just about making life easier for the host, but really to make the experience for the audience–better. Having one system as opposed to a myriad of individual softwares and services separated by functions leads to poor user experience and lower overall satisfaction towards the event.

And therefore, opting for the right tool for your next event will be a critical decision. Schedule a quick demo with EventHub to help you host your event with confidence.

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