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Manage risks against current and future pandemics

You just witnessed the biggest paradigm shift in the event space with COVID-19. And while vaccinations are up, the case count on the decline, and booster shot available, there is no saying what the next natural or man-made disaster to strike the event world. 


Maximize audience reach by catering to both in-person and virtual segments

We saw how cost efficient online event was in 2020 and 2021, but it was always difficult to get the same level of engagement as in real-world events.

EventHub offers superior networking opportunities with in-depth profile and matching functions. 


Increased user content engagement

By leveraging both the virtual event and in-person, users can watch live on-site, virtually via web streaming, and also archived contents for those who could not watch in real time. By consolidating brochures, PDFs and videos in each session or company page, you can help create more touch points with attendees and host/exhibitors of such hybrid event. 

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Why Hybrid Event makes sense for 2022

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