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No matter the type or size, deliver virtual events flawlessly.

All-in-one virtual event platform that cohesively manages online event planning from start to finish. Let us help you secure stronger online connections that matter with EventHub.

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What is a virtual event platform?

Virtual events relate to any event that are completely run and hosted online where attendees can participate from anywhere in the world. The result? Integrated and seamless event experiences for all online attendees.


Attending online events are skyrocketing, thanks to restrictions being placed on live events due to the global pandemic. Companies like yours can engage with your stakeholders and attendees even during a time when holding in-person events isn’t possible! Virtual events also allow for unlimited accommodation for extra attendees compared to live events since the limitations on venue size don’t exist in a virtual setting. 

Don't just live stream an event. Build engagement on stage and online with our customisable platform.

✓ Host conferences, seminars, and trade shows your attendees will remember with an intuitive online builder and all-in-one dashboard.

✓ Control, moderate and plan with quick-access analytics and build strategies using real-time performance and attendance reports.

✓ Engage with your online attendees at all times and boost your ROI using optimised gamification features.

✓ Help any attendee connect with each other in real-time using live video meetings, private messaging and live chat features. 

✓ Get timely support for your event with an account manager to help you prepare, host, and analyse your event. 

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Virtual Event Platform Features


Create a custom registration form that is easy to personalise and leverage tools like our pre-made registration form template to boost promotion and visitor attendance.

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Branding & Design

From beautifully designed email campaign templates to custom survey templates, utilise our event technology platform to build a virtual event that emulates your brand’s business objectives and goals

Streaming & Simulive

Achieve quality live streaming, video hosting, simulive and showcase pre-recorded videos with your choice of streaming service. 

Attendee Engagement

Skyrocket your audience engagement with the use of real-time web messaging, live Q&A sessions to virtual booths to explore. 

Data Analytics

Gain insights from attendance numbers and viewership data for videos and live streams in real-time from the admin page. 

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Why choose EventHub for your next online conference?

Boost your company’s revenue with quality online seminars that registrants can view, engage and comment on in real-time. No need to install additional software to view archived content. EventHub’s all-in-one platform allows your business to cohesively customise, manage and analyse your next virtual event without building from scratch.

✓ Measure results by viewing session attendance, collateral downloads, and overall interactions held during the event online and off. 

✓ Measure ROI quickly, based on registrations, attendance or leads generated from your next online event. 

✓ Over attendee capacity? No problem! Provide incremental increase to your event registration without worrying about the constraints of in-person attendance.  

✓ Mobile-friendly platform so that guests can attend online on their desktop or on-the-go.

✓ Event sponsorship and exhibitor tiering to create increased visibility for those supporting the virtual event. 

Hear what our customers say

Providing the additional value with online session

"By using EventHub, we were able to increase the number of registrants to the MUG Day (Marketo User Group Day) event, increase participation from attendees in the subsequent small-group workshops, engage with the self-training materials, and users engaged with each other by directly communicating with one-another...Rather than thinking of online events as a 'replacement' or 'substitute' to an in-person event, we now see the value and creative delivery we can achieve because we are doing it online."

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The key to successful hybrid event is the platform

"Under COVID-19, NewsPicks' conference "WestShip" had to be hosted under a hybrid environment. And we knew that it was vital to build great user attention, audience engagement, and attendee networking similar to previous year's in-person event--but this time done both online and offline. Thus, we need to find a platform that could provide a bridge between both the in-person component of hosting an event as well as providing a virtual venue for those that could not attend in person. EventHub exceeded our expectations with its networking and matching function. It created more unique interactions than before and had international participants attend the event despite the COVID-19 situation"

Build long-lasting connections with people worldwide with EventHub

Ready to experience the difference of what a virtual event platform can make? Let’s work together. 

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