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Build hybrid events that lead to unparalleled reach and deeper engagement.

Mesh online and in-person events into one for a unified event experience thanks to EventHub’s hybrid event platform.

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Hybrid Events - is it for you?

Hybrid events are a mix of live and virtual events. You take your live event, complete with an audience, and then implement virtual components so guests worldwide can actively participate and interact from wherever they are. 


Eventhub's all-in-one virtual and hybrid event platform, can ensure accessibility for all attendees by building events that aren't constricted by venue size or location. Hybrid events combine the best of both worlds, in-person and online gatherings. The combination of encourages virtual and in-person audiences to interact socially, host a more significant amount of content and build cross-networking opportunities worldwide.

Interact directly with a community

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Reach remote audiences worldwide

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Deliver value-rich content


Guarantee high conversion leads

Leverage a seamless hybrid event platform to capture and drive engagement across a wider audience.

✓ Encourage participation in-person and online, and skyrocket your attendee registration with live Q&A sessions, direct message features to real-time chats.

✓ Analyse, strategise and plan ahead of time by managing all in-person and virtual attendee journeys using our unified performance analytics.

✓ Tailor event content and build exhibitor experiences around your stream by mixing and matching our virtual event features.

✓ Check people in, assign badges on-demand, track and optimise every customer who attends on one platform.

✓ We can designate you an account manager to help assist in the event planning, hosting, and data analytics administration of your next hybrid event.

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Customised Hybrid Event Platform Features


From promo codes to ticket payment, use our customisable pre-made registration templates to boost visitor attendance and engagement.

Branding & Design

Create a hybrid event that reflects your brand's business goals and objectives using custom banner images and email templates for surveys.

Streaming & Simulive

Leverage your choice of streaming service to achieve professional-grade live streaming, video hosting, pre-records videos and more.

Attendee Engagement

Utilise a combination of live Q&A sessions, virtual booths and 1-on-1 web meetings to boost your audience engagement. 

Data Analytics

Record and gain insights from attendance numbers and viewership data from livestreams in real-time using our advanced analytics page. 

Why go hybrid with EventHub?

Make a hybrid event that provides options for attendees based on their preferences and emulates your company's brand and business objectives on one cohesive platform. No need to install additional software to view content, communicate with attendees or have 1-on-1 meetings--everything sits inside one convenient online platform.

✓ Quickly track all user registration, viewership, interactions, downloads, and access frequency online and off.

✓ Seamlessly integrate your company's current marketing tools to follow up with viewers. 

✓ Allow attendees to meet in person or virtually based on ease, comfort and health concerns.

✓ Maximise reach by catering to both online and off-line audience by building two-way event options: Day 1 (virtual); Day 2 (in-person). 

✓ Replicate seamless social interactions between the virtual setting and on-site using the Networking feature.

Hear what our customers say

Providing the additional value with online session

"By using EventHub, we were able to increase the number of registrants to the MUG Day (Marketo User Group Day) event, increase participation from attendees in the subsequent small-group workshops, engage with the self-training materials, and users engaged with each other by directly communicating with one-another...Rather than thinking of online events as a 'replacement' or 'substitute' to an in-person event, we now see the value and creative delivery we can achieve because we are doing it online."

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The key to successful hybrid event is the platform

"Under COVID-19, NewsPicks' conference "WestShip" had to be hosted under a hybrid environment. And we knew that it was vital to build great user attention, audience engagement, and attendee networking similar to previous year's in-person event--but this time done both online and offline. Thus, we need to find a platform that could provide a bridge between both the in-person component of hosting an event as well as providing a virtual venue for those that could not attend in person. EventHub exceeded our expectations with its networking and matching function. It created more unique interactions than before and had international participants attend the event despite the COVID-19 situation"

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Break down barriers with EventHub

Bring back your target audience to the venues they love with our all-in-one platform today.

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