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Build conferences that are interactive, encourage networking and drive results.

EventHub’s conference tool allows businesses to plan, manage and execute live meetings, company-wide briefs to all-size training sessions via one, cohesive tool.

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About our virtual conference platform

Looking to bring an unprecedented level of communication between your business and your stakeholders? Don’t use video conference tools like Zoom. 


EventHub’s sophisticated conference platform gives businesses a host of collaborative options on one, innovative platform. From inputting spreadsheets, and transferring files to presenting slide shows- you can do all this and more with our web conferencing tool. Offering a range of comprehensive building features, you can make virtual meetings more interactive and encourage the flow of information to ensure all participants make better decisions. 


EventHub can boost your company revenue, build attendee profiles, and increase networking opportunities. This means more engagement with exhibitors, vendors, and other attendees on one in-system chat and video conferencing function- Just like you would in a real-world event!

Spark discussions, facilitate networking & encourage engagement between the host, the presenter and guests

✓ Quickly share important documentation and presentations across an unlimited number of attending guests.

✓ Over guest capacity? Use our virtual conference platform to customise conferences of all exhibit sizes and invite new attendees worldwide

✓ Reduce costs for attending delegates and reap the revenue benefits of increases in online ticket registrations and invitations.

✓ Encourage geographically dispersed delegates to bring more skills to the table with the help of intuitive features such as live video meetings, breakout sessions and live chat features. 

✓ We can designate you with an account manager to assist in event preparation, hosting and data analytics management of any online conference

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Conference Platform Features


EventHub’s pre-made registration form templates allow for effortless custom registration and personalisation

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Branding & Design

Showcase your branding perfectly by leveraging our customisable email campaign templates, virtual booths and customer surveys

Streaming & Simulive

With your preferred streaming service, create high-quality live streaming, video hosting, simulive and showcase pre-recorded videos

Attendee Engagement

Build attendee engagement beyond borders using direct web messaging, live Q&A sessions and more

Data Analytics

Utilise real-time insights from video and live stream attendance and viewership data to better your next online conference

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Why choose EventHub for your next online conference?

From building virtual booths to showcase your best videos to customising automated emails to engage with all registrants before, during and after the event, all you need to develop a successful conference sits inside one platform- no need for the installation of additional software to view the content, chat or have 1-on-1 meetings between host, guest speakers and attendees.

✓ Track user registration, viewership, interactions, downloads and access frequency on one platform.

✓ Opt to integrate marketing tools like Marketing Automation to follow up with viewers more efficiently.

✓ Built-in Q&A to encourage real-time interaction with attendees.

✓ Setup breakout rooms and smaller group sessions based on topics your audience finds engaging. 

✓ Automatically sync company profile page with employees so attendees can communicate with company representatives right from the page.

Hear what our customers say

Providing the additional value with online session

"By using EventHub, we were able to increase the number of registrants to the MUG Day (Marketo User Group Day) event, increase participation from attendees in the subsequent small-group workshops, engage with the self-training materials, and users engaged with each other by directly communicating with one-another...Rather than thinking of online events as a 'replacement' or 'substitute' to an in-person event, we now see the value and creative delivery we can achieve because we are doing it online."

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The key to successful hybrid event is the platform

"Under COVID-19, NewsPicks' conference "WestShip" had to be hosted under a hybrid environment. And we knew that it was vital to build great user attention, audience engagement, and attendee networking similar to previous year's in-person event--but this time done both online and offline. Thus, we need to find a platform that could provide a bridge between both the in-person component of hosting an event as well as providing a virtual venue for those that could not attend in person. EventHub exceeded our expectations with its networking and matching function. It created more unique interactions than before and had international participants attend the event despite the COVID-19 situation"

Build connections that matter with EventHub

If you’re ready to experience the difference of what a virtual event platform can make, let’s work together.

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