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Host engaging simulive and live streaming events using ingenuitive webinar platform technology.

Looking to scale professional events? Want to streamline internal communications to guests and improve leads? Build engaging webinar using EventHub.

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What is a webinar platform, and why use it?

Online training and onboarding of clients and the sharing of value-rich information in real-time are made easy through webinars. Whether you have a workshop planned, or organising employee training, EventHub ensures that the planning, live event and analysis phase can be conducted seamlessly on one integrated tool.

Planning: Enjoy customisable registration pages and schedule emails, and pre-recorded webinars in advance for later redistribution.

Live event: Heighten attendee engagement by gauging feedback through periodic polls, or chat and question features to engage directly with presenters. 

Analysis: See the engagement data in the platform and export all webinar data for later analysis.

Interact directly with a community

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Reach remote audiences worldwide

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Deliver value-rich content


Guarantee high conversion leads

Distribute promotional and educational video presentations to stakeholders without hassle.

✓ Make your next event better than the previous one using performance reports. Analyse, plan and strategise your next event confidently.

✓ Personalise registration forms, emails, logos and brand colours that are synonymous with your company.

✓ Directly connect with your potential customers through in-platform web meetings whilst never leaving the comfort of your event.

✓ Increase audience engagement with real-time features including, polls and web messaging between presenter and guest.  

✓ Prepare, host, and analyse any webinar event with help from a designated account manager. Whether it's your first event or your hundredth, our team can ease you through the initial set-up to closing statements.

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Webinar Platform Features


Enjoy the benefits of customisable premade registration templates for easy attendee tracking.

Branding & Design

Utilise tools such as profile set-ups, email campaigns and registration surveys that emulate your business’s brand objectives and goals.

Streaming & Simulive

Host your next webinar with your choice of video or streaming service- no AV required.

Attendee Engagement

Triple your attendance and skyrocket engagement using tools such as direct web messaging, live Q&A sessions and more. 

Data Analytics

Gain invaluable insights from attendance numbers and viewership data for videos and live streams in real-time from the admin page.

Why choose EventHub to build your next successful webinar?

When we say all-in-one platform, we mean all-in-one. No need to install additional software to view video content or reuse archived webinars for later. This reliable platform helps you host your next webinar without worrying about building from scratch. 

✓ Track user registration, viewership, interactions, downloads, and access frequency all in one place.

✓ Easily integrate the platform with your business's internal marketing tools to follow up with viewers.

✓ Leverage existing content for lead generation multiple times.

✓ Customise automated emails to engage with registrants before, during, and after the event

✓ Enjoy a built-in Q&A feature to encourage real-time interaction with attendees and webinar content.

Hear what our customers say

Providing the additional value with online session

"By using EventHub, we were able to increase the number of registrants to the MUG Day (Marketo User Group Day) event, increase participation from attendees in the subsequent small-group workshops, engage with the self-training materials, and users engaged with each other by directly communicating with one-another...Rather than thinking of online events as a 'replacement' or 'substitute' to an in-person event, we now see the value and creative delivery we can achieve because we are doing it online."

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The key to successful hybrid event is the platform

"Under COVID-19, NewsPicks' conference "WestShip" had to be hosted under a hybrid environment. And we knew that it was vital to build great user attention, audience engagement, and attendee networking similar to previous year's in-person event--but this time done both online and offline. Thus, we need to find a platform that could provide a bridge between both the in-person component of hosting an event as well as providing a virtual venue for those that could not attend in person. EventHub exceeded our expectations with its networking and matching function. It created more unique interactions than before and had international participants attend the event despite the COVID-19 situation"

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Livestream quality events anytime and anywhere.

Ready to make immersive and scalable events? Discover why organisers turn to EventHub to create webinars that attendees will love.

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