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Bring results and efficiency to all of
your events 

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All-in-one event system to help you manage from start to finish. Registration to post-event survey. 

Be it online, hybrid or in-person, let us help you build connections that matter, with EventHub.  

Our Clients


EventHub supports your event, whether virtually, in-person, or hybrid of the two

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Functions optimized for online events such as registration page, user data analysis, live and pre-recorded video streaming, and networking functions.

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Features to help your hybrid events kept in one place - registration and check-ins, networking, and engagement bridged across both the online and offline participants. 

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Functions such as QR code check-ins and business matching suggestions help boost networking and make the event a success for all participants. 


After seeing how intuitive and easy to use EventHub is, Sansan picked EventHub for their webinar. "EventHub provided perfect functions for our interactive webinar and we could also maximize event ROI by getting high quality leads that we usually could not get by integrating marketing automation with EventHub."

Expos/Trade show

Citizen, the makers of watches, knew that given the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person visits to the factory floor for business meetings were not possible. Therefore we had to shift to online event format. EventHub's matching function, archived videos, viewing logs helped us get as many business meetings as before. Using EventHub was easy, smooth and cost-effective!


Newspicks used EventHub to host large scale hybrid conference. By utilizing EventHub's matching function, networking became possible even on hybrid event. "We saw high engagement between participants from around the world and saw greater results compared to offline events."


EventHub caters to wide range of events such as international conferences, academic gatherings, business meetings, recruiting events and a lot more. Adobe used EventHub to host events for their users. The event was a success overall allowing Adobe to reach out to more users as they saw increase in participants and higher engagement.


Seeing is believing. See EventHub in action.

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